This weekend Mike and I attended a virtual conference put on by our friends at Rock Star Real Estate.  For those of you that have not heard of Rock Star, they are a Toronto based real estate brokerage that focuses solely on helping investors buy investment real estate.  These guys are a wealth of knowledge when it comes to real estate, particularly in the GTA.  If you live in Ontario and have a passion for real estate, we highly recommend that you check these guys out.

Typically, there events are held live, but under current circumstances they opted for a virtual format this year.  This worked out great for Mike and I.  We’ve been meaning to get to one of their events for years, but it’s never worked out.  Theses events are about a four hour drive from where we live, and that reason alone makes it difficult to justify attending sometimes.  Now, throw at it all that goes along with having a young family, work and business obligations, and it becomes even more difficult.

The fact that it was virtual this time around, made it a no brainer.  And we got some much out of this conference.  In the end, our only regret was not actually attending the live events  in past years.

Side Note: You may be wondering why we are huddled around a small laptop instead of opting for a bigger monitor or hooking up to a TV.  That’s because those were reserved for Saturday Morning soccer.  We had both an Italian league game and an English Premier league game going on in the background ?

We are huge believers in investing in financial education and personal growth.  I’m honestly embarrassed to admit how much I’ve spent on this stuff over the years.  I’m only embarrassed because I know the average person would not understand.  And I know this, because I used to be that person.
I’m not sure exactly when or why my mindset changed, but I can tell you with 100% certainty that I think very differently today.  I don’t regret one cent of what I’ve invested in personal development, what I do regret is not starting to invest in myself a whole lot earlier.  Notice the fact that I keep referring to it as an investment, and not an expense.  That is intentional.  Because it truly is an investment.  In fact, it continues to be the single most important and rewarding investment I make.

We are all pretty fortunate to be living in the digital age.  It has never been easier to get educated and find good teachers.   Whatever it is you want to learn… somebody out there has done it.  And more than likely, one of them is out there teaching it.  The only work you need to do is seek out that teacher, and stop thinking average.  Recognize, that by investing in yourself and your own personal growth, you are putting yourself one step closer to reaching your goals, and one step closer to reaching the Position of FU!

– Vince & Mike

P.S.  One big takeaway for us from this weekend’s conference is that there truly is an undersupply of affordable housing throughout Ontario.   We kind of already knew this, but the Rock Star guys did a deep dive into the numbers and now we are 100% convinced.  So that being said, more than ever we are pretty excited about build-to-rent strategy and plan to continue full steam ahead with it.

P.P.S.  When you become a Canadian Cashflownaire Member, you get a free copy of our Build-to-Rent program which is a step-by-step guide on how to successfully implement this strategy.