Even though we speak a lot about money, it really isn’t everything. It is pretty obvious that there is more to life than just money. Health, family, friendships, and happiness should mean more to you than money should in life.

Most people understand these values when it comes to life and their life’s purpose.

But for some reason, when it comes work, purpose gets lost.

Money seems to mean everything when it comes to work.

We are here to tell you, money should come second.

You NEED a purpose when it comes to your work, or you’ll just be miserable and stuck.

Back in 2012, I graduated from the University of Windsor with a Business Degree and Bachelor of Education.

I really did believe my purpose was to teach high school students about business and plain old life skills. Plus, I like coaching.

Unfortunately, the job market was grim.

For 2 years after graduating, I worked as a waiter and bartender in numerous restaurants and volunteered in local schools, in hopes of getting a job that never came.

After 2 years, I decided to change paths.

My dad had always respected his financial planner, and with a business degree, I thought that might be a good route to go.

Most financial planners carry both life insurance and mutual fund licenses. I decided to start out with my life insurance license, since it was easier to get started and start making commissions right away (mutual funds usually take a little while longer to build up livable income on).

The funny thing is, my dad never respected his insurance guy. He thought of him as just a salesman.

Anyways, as I worked in the life insurance world, helping families secure coverage to protect themselves, I was also studying for my mutual fund license and shadowing advisors in my office.

At the same time, along with my brother Vince, I started going down the rabbit hole of real estate investing, and eventually stumbled upon Rob Minton’s Cashflownaire.

We ended up buying and building cashflowing real estate, and doing really well.

When I finally received my mutual fund license, I stopped buying mutual funds.

I was sold on the idea of cashflow and hard assets.

Even though I had a good client base from selling insurance, how could I now go around as a financial planner and invest other people’s money in a balanced mutual fund?

That’s when I chose my purpose in my work.

I never did become a financial planner.

I stuck it out with life insurance and employee benefits, because I truly believed everyone with a family needs term life insurance and everyone with a business and employees should take care of their employees by offering benefits.

Then I took my knowledge of investing and passion for teaching, and made it my purpose to share my knowledge on investing for cashflow.

So, that is my purpose with my work. I only do work that I enjoy doing and teach Canadians about alternative investments and lifestyle tips to help them achieve the Position of FU.

I really could have made a whack of dough in financial planning. But to do it, I would have had to convince some wealthy people to put their money in a high fee mutual fund, even though there were better ways out there.

I am way more satisfied making less money if it has a purpose. It just so happens, my purpose also allowed me to make a good living too 😊

So, what is your purpose in life and work?