What is Quest4Cashflow?

Quest4Cashflow is a website dedicated to cashflow investments in Canada. Vince & Mike are Canadian brothers who both work in Financial Services. Since both are still employed in financial services, they have decided not to share their last names…for now. For years now, they have been following the path set out by Rob Minton to become Cashflownaires.

What is a Cashflownaire?

Cashflownaire: A person who has the positive cashflow of a million (or multi-million) dollar net worth.

Having a multi-million dollar net worth may, or may not, change your life. The reason why is the majority of your wealth will be locked up in your business, your home, or in other illiquid assets. It’s hard to eat your home equity unless you borrow it. It’s hard to eat the equity in your business unless you sell it.

Slowly but surely we had already been coming to the realization it wasn’t the large net worth that we wanted. That comes with a lot of baggage. What we really wanted was the income from a large net worth.

We then stumbled across Rob Minton, the founder of the Cashflownaire. Rob constantly talks about investing for cashflow instead of net worth.

From that day forward, we set out on a Quest4Cashflow in hopes of one day becoming Canadian Cashflownaires. We are still working in our J-O-Bs, but everyday, we take baby steps in building our cashflow.

Quest4Cashflow takes Rob Minton’s Cashflownaire concept and adds a Canadian spin to it. Everyday, we test drive Rob Minton’s Cashflownaire strategies and document out journey.

The goal is education, and we share ways in which Canadians can invest to create cashflow and live financially free.

To get a feel for some of the strategies we use to become Canadian Cashflownaires, checkout our Canadian Cashflownaire Plan book here or sign up for our free weekly newsletter to get insight on our latest ideas.

If you are really interested, our members receive even more detailed plans on how to become Canadian Cashflownaires. To see a full list of details about the membership, click here.

We hope you join us on this Quest4Cashlow and one day become Canadian Cashflownaires.

Vince & Mike

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