Why the Billionaires Get Wealthier

There is a reason wealther billionaires get wealthier as time goes on.  It’s no secret.  They own assets.  They are cashflownaires. They live in the glorious position of FU!

I’ve come to realize over time that my communication skills aren’t always the best. Especially when trying to present something I’m passionate about. I feel like I become overly defensive of the point I’m trying to make, and it begins to sound argumentative. Not at all my intent, but I somehow default to that.

Hate to give him credit, but my little brother, Mike, is a much better communicator than I am. Fortunately for me, my livelihood is not dependent on my debate skills. But you know who is dependent on their verbal communication skills?… a good’ol POLITICIAN! In fact some of them may be too good… hmmm.

Nonetheless, in the short video below, I want you to listen to how one high-profile Canadian politician precisely explains the current money game in Canada. It’s the clip titled “Billionaires Get Richer”


To quickly paraphrase and summarize, Pierre Pollievre, the Conservative politician in this videos states that whenever governments and central banks print money, those with assets get richer.

Now, let’s put politics aside for a second. Forget which side of the aisle this particular politician sits or, or what your own political allegiances are, because this is in fact what is happening in Canada.

Do we agree with it? I don’t know, and who really cares anyways, we don’t make or influence the rules. But we do make it a point to understand the rules and play the game that we are forced to play. It’s why we told you a couple of weeks ago, you need to be an armchair economist.

This is exactly why Mike and I are constantly beating the drum, and screaming at you to buy good, income producing owning assets. We’ve shared this idea in other posts like Cash Is Your Riskiest Investment and Savers are Losers.

I get it if there is a reluctance to listen to the message when it comes from a couple of brothers you’ve never met, who hooked you in with a clever book cover. Especially when the message is coming off in a defensive, argumentative way lol.

But if you’re not going to listen to us, please listen to somebody on the inside, who I would think has some actual insight as to what’s going.

He’s giving us the playbook. We feel it is our responsibility to learn it, perfect it, and execute it. And we’re here to help you do the same.


Vince & Mike

P.S. One of my goals for the new year is to become a barter communicator 🙂

P.P.S. Feel free to share this with any of your family and friends that you want to get out of the rat race before it’s too late. The middle class is being squeezed, and we hope that we can share this message with as many Canadians as we can.