What’s keeping you accountable?

Accountability is a key component to achieving your goals.

Unfortunately, a lot of people have a hard time keeping themselves accountable. It is much easier to come up with excuses or blame others.

This month, we started our Greek God Fat Loss Challenge. To kick this challenge off, we created a Mastermind group for our Canadian Cashflownaire members, as well as Cashflownaires from the US.

This week, Josh Schoenly (Cashflownaire Member), shared a workout challenge for us. 100 burpees for time. The goal was to do them in under 8 minutes.  Everyone was sharing their times. So I had to give it a try. Here was my time:

I didn’t hit the goal of 8 minutes.  Some might consider this a failure, but not me. Before he shared the workout, I was sitting on my couch debating if I should go downstairs and workout.

Had Josh not shared this challenge, and had I not had a group of like-minded individuals keeping each other accountable, I would have stayed on the couch and not reaching my fitness goals.

Former NBA star Joe Dumars once said:

“On good teams, coaches hold players accountable.
On great teams players hold players accountable.”

Vince & I keep each other accountable with everything we do. It seems like one of us is always ready to throw in the towel, and the other keeps this cashflow train moving.

Keeping yourself accountable is easier said than done. It’s actually really tough.

That’s the main reason we started our Cashflownaire Mastermind group. To keep each other accountable in achieving our goals, both for fitness and finances.

It’s amazing how much like-minded people can help each other by simply sharing ideas, successes, and failures.

We like to think of ourselves as a team with 1 common goal: Become Cashflownaires and live in the position of FU.

Become a Canadian Cashflownaire today and join us on this Quest4Cashflow.

We can all keep each other accountable.


Vince & Mike

P.S. I am going to try the 100 burpee challenge again. I will probably keep trying until I get under 8 minutes. The record holder in our group did it in 5:31.

P.P.S. We added a 2nd challenge of creating cashflow everyday. Whether big or small, we all brainstorm ideas on how we can accomplish this goal.