Tom Brady Lives in the Position of FU?

This year’s Superbowl was quite uneventful. I’m not a big gambler, but every year, my friend and I throw some money on the game. Thankfully, we put it all on the Buccaneers $$$.

While the game was uneventful, the after-party was something else to watch. First, Tom Brady threw the Lombardy trophy to Gronk from one boat to another. Then, Tom Brady gets escorted out due to over intoxication.

Most average people would be embarrassed by the situation.

Why? Because average people are afraid of what others think. Average people are afraid to show up to work after something like that. And average people remain average.

But Tom Brady as we all know is not average.  Instead of being embarrassed, Tom Brady tweets out the video of his intoxicated self, with the caption:

“Noting to see her…just litTle avoCado tequila”

Common, how awesome is that?

Tom can say stuff like this because he lives in the Position of FU!

Obviously, Tom Brady is not average.

But he kind of was average at one point in his life.

Ok, maybe above average, he was always a good athlete, but he was average compared to other elite athletes. Look at his story. He only got 1 offer to a Division one college. He then lost his job to a freshman in college.  Then he barely gets drafted to the NFL. All of the sudden, he is undoubtably the greatest football player that ever lived.

So how did Tom Brady go from average football player to the GOAT?

He embraced adversity and he created systems.

If you google it, his diet isn’t this insane, secret diet. But it’s regimented. He created an eating system that keeps him in tip top shape.

He has a workout routine that has become systematic for him.

He stays up to date by studying film in the film room.

And the guy seems to thrive more when adversity hits.

We try to do the same thing with our Cashflownaire plan.

We have many systems: 1. Our rent-to-own system 2. Our dividend stock system 3. Our Mobile home system 4. Our build-to-rent system 5. Our overall cashflownaire plan

And every month, we study the Canadian economy to stay up to date with the latest trends (ie. consumer debt, government debts, monetary policy).  We share these updates every month in our newsletter.

And these systems are great, but what makes us above average is understanding that adversity still happens. If a furnace in a rental property breaks, or a stock plummets, or one of our trades bails on us, we don’t stick our head in the sand.

If we did, we would have missed out on some great opportunities that have come our way.

A friend of mine was looking to upgrade his house. I told him to keep his current house as a rental because of the income. With every objection he gave me, I sent him everything I could on why he needs to create more income in his life.

After days of back and forth, he was defeated. That ah-ha moment happened where he realized now understood why asset holders were getting richer. It wasn’t luck. It was inevitable. The middle class, who deal primarily in cash and tradition financial products, are getting squeezed,

Once the ah-ha moment came, he said to me “sometimes, being dumb is way easier” LOL.

This was a great line. Vince & I get passionate about this stuff. We don’t understand why every Canadian doesn’t own real estate, or doesn’t start an online business, or doesn’t even stress about creating income streams.

And now I get it. It’s not that they don’t want income streams. It’s not that they don’t care about being financially free.

For most people, it’s just way easier being dumb.  

So we all have a choice to make choice.

Do we stick to our 9-5 job, paying the bills and save a little money? Or do we start acquiring assets in our life and build cashflow?

One of these choices is easy and one is not. But as the middle class gets squeezed, I think making the difficult choice of building cashflow is the only option.


Vince & Mike

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P.P.S. I actually think Gronk lives in the Position of FU way more Brady. That guy is awesome too!