Once upon a time I considered myself a pretty decent soccer player.  In fact, both Mike and I played soccer from a very early age, well into our 20s.

Soccer was my one true passion as a kid.  It was the center of my universe.  That’s probably why I can recall almost everything my coaches taught me, and very little of what my school teachers taught me.   The brain has a funny way of turning on and absorbing things when the information is something of interest to us..

One of the most basic, yet effective lessons one of my coaches taught me was at the age of 9.  It was the K.I.S.S principle.

For those of you that don’t know, K.I.S.S stands for Keep It Simple, Stupid!

Could you imagine a coach saying that to a 9 year old in today lol.

Nonetheless, although this may not be the most profound teaching of my life, this really did shape me both as a soccer player, and later as a soccer coach myself.

For those that aren’t familiar with the game, like most sports, the game of soccer is a series of many split second decisions.

9 times out of 10, when faced with that decision on the field, I would Keep It Simple, Stupid! And as a player, it worked for me.  By no means was I blessed with god given natural ability, but I was still able to have a pretty accomplished soccer career given the way I CHOSE to play the game.

Please don’t confuse the simple decision, with the easy way of doing things.  Nobody ever gets ahead always choosing easy. I define the simple decision as the one that has the probability of giving you the best possible outcome given the circumstances you are faced with.

I’ve taken the same approach to my investing game.  Investing can be very simple. And it can also be very difficult and complex.  If you over simplify it, then you often end up just doing what the masses do -ie. save a portion of your pay cheque and invest in a “diversified” portfolio of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.  This is easy, and remember, easy gets you nowhere.  On the flip side, you can very easily over-complicate investing, and complication usually results in frustration, anxiety and undue risk.

Our Cahflownaire Plan was designed around the K.I.S.S principle.  A simple to follow three step system that allows you the flexibility to make investing decisions that have the probability of giving YOU the best possible outcome given the circumstances you are faced with.

And when it comes to the investing decisions… we got your back. Every newsletter contains new investment ideas and strategies. And we’re just an email or phone call away, to help you evaluate which ideas and strategies will work best for you.

In an effort to help start practicing the K.I.S.S Principle, we’re going to make this particular split-second decision easy for you.  Take us for a test-drive.  We are offering a one-month trial for only $1, when you use the discount code thinkbig.


Vince & Mike

P.S. Mike will tell anybody that listens that he was the better player of the two of us.  Ask him which one of us still has our picture hanging at the gym hallway of the high school we both went to J

P.P.S. Yes, I realize it’s quite pathetic when you’re almost 40 and you still frequently refer back to your high school athletic accomplishments.