Over the weekend I ended up seeing this tweet:

This tweet is GOLD because it’s the playbook for living a good life.

In fact, the most important recommendation in this tweet might be…

“Ask Questions”

I’d go one step further and suggest that we question everything.

Without realizing it, I’ve become a question machine. A day doesn’t pass without me asking many questions.

  1. I ask my mastermind group questions.
    2. I ask my network of high-value people questions.
    3. I ask my friends questions.
    4. I ask my family (kids) lots of questions. LOL
    5. I ask every book I read questions.
    6. I ask Google questions.
    7. I ask my neighbors questions.
    8. I ask new people I meet questions. (Thank you, Dale Carnegie)

I also ask myself a boatload of questions.

A day doesn’t pass without dozens of questions being asked. Life is one BIG puzzle and when we question everything, we get clues that we can use to solve the puzzle.

One question that I ponder on a daily basis is…

How do you live a good life?

It’s such an important question, isn’t it?
(Darn it. Another question. I can’t stop!)

The reason why I ask so many questions is because they make us think. When I ask someone a question, it forces them to think. When I ask myself a question, it forces me to think.

Thinking is – by far – our most important activity.

Over the last few weeks, while working with the October Issue of my Cashflownaire Letter  I was forced to ask myself some extremely important questions.

These questions require a great deal of thought.

Here are a few of the questions I’ve been wrestling with…

  1. What skills are Superpowers?
    2. What’s the best metric to use when analyzing different investments?
    3. How can we expand our portfolio of cashflowing assets without leverage?
    4. How do we build a valuable network of high-quality people?

Plus, there’s an extremely important question that everyone should think about right now.

This is one of those… time is of the essence questions that could eventually lead to massive cashflow for your family.

Before moving on, we recently were took part in a podcast and were asked a bunch of questions on how we’ve created attractive cashflow using our build-to-rent investment strategy.

You can hear our answers in this episode of the Cashflownaire Podcast



– Vince & Mike

P.S. We also have a free webinar where wel walk you through our build-to-rent strategy. You can register for this webinar at  https://quest4cashflow.com/webinar/