Our 2 Investment Rules

Vince & I are busy guys.  Here’s a list of what we do:

-We work full-time jobs in financial services, attending to clients’ every need when it comes to finance and insurance (you could imagine how needy some can be).
-We manage our Quest4Cashflow website ourselves.
-We manage rental properties that include single family homes, multi-family homes, and mobile homes.
-We build houses to rent.
-We build houses to sell.
-We are both married with children (I love Al Bundy!).

Just they other day, I said to Vince, “there is a lot going on right now. Why are we doing this?”

And Vince said, “just remember, nobody else we know is. Let’s have this conversation again in 10 years.”

So we talk about this “Path to FU”.  The cover of our book is a picture of a boat in the middle of an ocean (ah what a life!).

But that is the end goal. What is most important is the quest you take to reach that goal. And it is not easy!

Vince and I set out on this quest to become cashflownaires about 5-6 years ago after we came across Rob Minton out of Willoughby, Ohio.

After making huge strides forward over the last few years following Rob’s ideas and strategies, we thought it would be great idea to document and share that quest with Canadians.

Throughout the process, we have had 2 simple investment rules:

  1. Enjoy every investment you make.
  2. Learn something from every investment you make.

If we have followed these 2 rules, we got something out of it.  If we didn’t follow these rules, disaster struck.

We enjoy managing this membership website (www.quest4cashflow.com). We enjoy investing in real estate. We also enjoy building homes. There’s nothing better to us than grabbing a coffee, showing up to the property, and coming up with a game plan that gives us the best chance to succeed.


Here is what we learned:

-We’ve learned how to use wordpress
-We’ve learned valuable marketing skills
-We’ve learned how to screen a tenant
-We’ve learned how to gain financing (ok, Vince was already an expert on this because of his job)
-We’ve learned how to build a frigging house!

Regardless of the outcome of these investments, we have learned invaluable skills that nobody could ever take away from us.  Skills that we can use again and again to help us get further ahead in life.

And these 2 investment rules don’t only apply to money.  They also apply to our investments of our time.

We try to analyze how we invest our time.  Again, we only invest our time in things we enjoy, and things we can learn from.

We invest our time in our friends and family, because we enjoy being with them and we learn a lot from them (our kids teach us something every day).
We invest our time in education (books, seminars, courses, etc.).  Believe it or not, we enjoy learning and discussing economics (not everyone has to be a geek like us).

What we try not to invest our time in are things like social media.  Yes, we are on social media, but we hate every minute we waste on it.  Do we really enjoy it and are we learning anything from it?

So ask yourself, what are you investing your time and money on?  Are they bringing enjoyment and knowledge in your life?

If the answer is no, then try everything you can to free yourself from these investments and allocate your time and money to something else that will.


Vince & Mike
Canadian Cashflownaires

P.S. If you’re not sure what to invest your time and money in, try out our Canadian Cashflownaire membership.  You might learn something & enjoy it ?