This month, Vince & I purchased an investment property in our home town, LaSalle, ON. On top of that, as most of you know, we launched a construction company with some partners and we are building our first home for sale in Kingsville, ON. If you haven’t already, feel free to follow @belcasainc on Instagram to follow along through the whole process.

After diving into these new ventures, it seems like everywhere I look, there is headlines about a real estate market crash in Canada. Just before we dove into these ventures, I felt like all I read was news about a booming real estate market in Canada.  Why is this? Why is our timing so off?

Well our timing isn’t really off. The problem was my thinking.  The problem was my law of attraction.

According to an article in the Montreal Gazette, “the Law of Attraction is the belief that positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.”

I was focusing on the negatives vs. the positives. When I wasn’t buying real estate, I focused on headlines that made me feel like I was missing out.  When I did invest in real estate, I focused on headlines that made me feel like I made a mistake. All this thinking was negative thinking. And success doesn’t come with negative thinking.

In our upcoming 14-page December issue of the Canadian Cashflownaire (we also add a 15th bonus page this month ?), we discuss in great detail, the law of attraction.

As a sneak peak, here is snippet of a personal experience in my life in regards to the law of attraction (this is one article straight from our upcoming newsletter):


How to Use The Law of Attraction to Build Wealth

Understanding the effects of the law of attraction is huge. Have you ever paid attention to the conversations you do and don’t enjoy?

I have 2 co-workers that are polar opposites. I will ask them the same simple question of “how are you?” Here’s how they might answer:

Co-worker 1: “Awful. I have so much work, the insurance companies are a pain in the ass, and the ladies in the office are fucking everything up. You know what so and so did?…blah blah blah”

Co-worker 2: “Great. I have to go present a terrible renewal to a client and I’m not prepared at all for the meeting, but it’s all good. I’ll figure it out. Want to grab lunch after? I could use someone to split a bottle of wine with and tell you about what my kid did at school yesterday.” (his kid has no filter, so you could imagine).

Co-worker 1 is an employee of the company, making a decent salary (one of the few non-commission guys in my office) and always seems stressed and over worked. Isn’t the whole reason he took the salary job so that he doesn’t have to stress about the work?

Co-worker 2 is the former owner of the company. He sold it to a larger brokerage for 10s of millions of dollars and is still running it for the next few years. He has always had this happy go lucky way to him and it is magnetizing. The guy stands at 5’7, and everyone looks up to him like he’s Zeus.

He has this law of attraction that Rob is talking about. Co-worker 1 accepted his circumstances and complained about it. Co-worker 2 worked around his issues and moved on with a smile. Co-worker 1 is divorced and doesn’t speak to his kids. Co-worker 2 is married with 3 kids he can’t stop talking about. Co-worker 2 is way more successful than co-worker 1. Can you see why?

I always want to be around co-worker 2. I can’t wait for the conversation to end with co-worker 1.

It’s his positive thoughts that bring him positive results. That positive attitude is magnetic. It’s the law of attraction.


It’s no secret why co-worker 2 is way more successful, and way happier than co-worker 1. And it has nothing to do with outside forces, as much as co-worker 1 wants to tell you it does. Co-worker 2 creates a positive world around him.

We should all do the same!


Vince & Mike