Revealed: The Step-by-step Investing Book for Canadians that has been used by many investors to achieve financial freedom,

“Free Book Reveals How Canadians Can Create $20,000 of Monthly Cashflow, Pay Off All Of Their Debt and Build A Financial Fortress For Their Family”

What’s in the Book?

If you’d like to learn how to make $15,000 to $20,000 a month in cashflow, pay off all of your debt, and build a financial fortress for your family, this will be the most important book you’ll ever read.

This isn’t one of those “get rich in real estate without leaving your home” books. You cannot make any significant monthly cashflow without taking action. You WILL learn how to eliminate your need to work for a paycheque, but you will still have to work. Real estate is NOT a passive investment.
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Inside, you’ll learn a system that has helped the author generate $23,343.52 each month in cashflow with accelerated cashflow real estate investments. Using the ideas in this book, he increased his monthly income by several thousand dollars each year for several years. We believe you can use the same steps and system to build a large cashflow, too.

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    • How to achieve financial freedom within the next few years. The good news is freedom isn’t as hard to achieve as you’ve been told! (Page 23)
    • Why you really don’t have enough money and what you can do about it. (Page 9)
    • The best financial advice you could ever hear… from a movie about a broke gambler! (Page 6)
    • The most important skill you can learn and teach to your children. (Page 27)
    • How to trade money to buy time. (Page 30)
    • The #1 goal you should set in order to change your life and a secret chart you can use to track your success. (Page 26)
    • How a billionaire actually invests! (Page 51)
    • Lessons of the Rich Man & the Poor Man. (Page 48)
    • How to create a $2,000 monthly cashflow from one property. (Page 42)
    • 4 ways you can make A LOT more money from your real estate investments. (Page 35)
    • The single best investment I’ve ever made in 27 years of investing. (Page 43)
    • How to compound accelerated cashflow investments. (Page 46)
    • A sneaky way to know how much money you’ll make BEFORE you invest. (Page 53)
    • How to NEVER lose money. (Page 51)
    • My simple (and ugly) personal investment plan. (Page 56)
    • How to get your tenants to pay off all of your debt in just 4 years. (Page 67)
    • The BIGGEST investment mistake I’ve made in my life. (Page 58)
    • How to get a 210% return on investment. This investment is right in front of you, but you don’t see it. I’ll help you see it! (Page 61)
    • How to build a financial fortress for your family (Page 69)
    • How to setup an EXTRA $103,200 income stream. (Page 76)
    • An important challenge… are you up for it? (Page 81)
    • How to get richer every single month. (Page 77)
    • How to profit from the next crash. (Page 78)

    About the Authors

    Rob Minton

    Rob Minton is a loving husband, father, CPA and licensed realtor from Willoughby, Ohio. Rob owned a large real estate brokerage, built over a million dollar net worth, and then watched it disappear as he teetered on the verge of bankruptcy in the 2008 crash. After some major self reflection, Rob recovered from the crash and set out on a mission to share his experiences. Rob shares exactly how he recovered from the crash and how he increased his monthly cashflow by several thousand dollars every year. He also shares many mistakes he’smade and how you can avoid them yourself.

    Vince & Mike

    Vince & Mike are 2 brothers from a small town in Ontario, Canada. They both work in financial services and have been investing in real estate and other alternative investments for about 10 years. Since meeting Rob Minton in 2016, they have switched their focus from building a large net worth to building a large sum of cashflow. They have taken what Rob has taught them and implemented his strategies in the Canadian landscape. Their goal is to share how they have modified these strategies to work for Canadians in Canada’s slightly different environment.