Build-To-Rent Course


This is a complete 3 week course in building residential homes for the purpose of a renting out to tenants. Included with this guide is our Master Plan Flow Chart and Construction Budget Spreadsheet, which are must haves for every contractor.

Here’s a fraction of what you will learn: 

  1. How to acquire building lots
  2. How to finance a construction project
  3. How to build a new rental property
  4. How to refinance a new rental property
  5. How to market your rental property

Included with this course:

  1. Introductory Webinar
  2. Home Building Flow Chart to manage projects
  3. Interactive Budget Sheet to manage project expenses
  4. Instructive Videos
  5. 89 page Build-to-Rent Guide
  6. Unlimited access to course materials

Privacy – We will not share or trade online information you provide with us (including email addresses.)

Security – All personal information you submit is encrypted and secure.



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