Having a day job is ok.  But don’t rely on it. 

It’s ok if you don’t want to quit your job.  Everyone wants to sell the idea of entrepreneurship. But not all people are made for it or hate their current job.  And we’re here to tell you, that’s ok too. 

But it is NOT ok to rely ONLY on your job for financial security.  You will never get ahead.

Why? Because the rise in assets far outweighs the rise in wages. 

This message is for all our readers that are focusing only on generating an income today.

Remember, in your current job, your are trading your time for an income.  That is all great, but there is a cap on your earning potential. 

There is only so much time you can trade and you are only one person.  In your job, your financial freedom and security is completely out of your hands. 

I’m not saying you have to quit your day job today, but START TAKING THE NECESSARY STEPS TO MAKE YOU LESS DEPENDENT ON YOUR JOB.

How do you do that? Simple.  Build and accumulate assets.  If we want to be more specific, our preference is to build and accumulate assets that provide you with cashflow.
One of my more successful clients started his home building business while still working as an Engineer for an automotive company in Michigan.  He had no intentions of quitting his day job as it came with a good pension (a good pension is what I like to call the golden handcuffs).

He balanced both his business and his salary job for several years.  Eventually, the returns of the time he spent on his business far outweighed his time spent in his job.

He quit his job and went full time into home building.  Now the guy makes multiple millions year over year, and uses that income to reinvest in the business or accumulate other assets over time.

He never has to be worried about being fired, laid off, transferred to another city, etc.

He is now in the driver’s seat of his own financial security. 


Again, I’m not saying quit your day job today and start a business.  If you like your day job, stick with it.

What I am saying is build and accumulate assets so you can put yourself in a position where you can say “Fuck you!” to your job if things go sideways. 

Until next time!

Build wealth, live free! Strive for that position of FU!


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