Revealed: The Build-To-Rent Strategy

“A Step-By-Step Guide to Building and Renting New Homes”

What do you receive with this guide?


If you’d like to learn the benefits of owning our favourite type of residential real estate, the best way to acquire these properties, and how to rent them out for positive cashflow, then this is the most important guide you could ever own.




DISCLAIMER: This isn’t one of those “get rich in real estate without leaving your home” books. You cannot make any significant monthly cashflow without taking action. You WILL learn how to eliminate your need to work for a paycheque, but you will still have to work. Real estate is NOT a passive investment.


We used this exact same strategy on projects that have built us over $1,000,000 in equity and more importantly, over $3,600 a month in positive cashflow in the last 5 years!


Included with this guide is our Interactive Construction Flow Chart & Construction Budget Spreadsheet that we have developed and used in every one of our new build projects (a $500 value!).



You’ll learn a system of building multi-family townhomes that has helped the authors build $96,000 in equity and $1,200 of positive monthly cashflow from just one project.

What the guide includes:

  • An analysis of the pros and cons of building new, multi-family townhomes.
  • How to purchase the proper building lot
  • How to finance the project properly
  • How to build the property step-by step**
  • How to budget for the construction of the property**
  • How to market and rent out the property
  • Email access to us with any questions you might have

**Bonus: Included with this guide is our Interactive Construction Flow Chart & Construction Budget Spreadsheet.  These have taken us hours and multiple projects to create and perfect.  These will be your bible when you implement this strategy.

This can all be yours for $199.99.

For Quest4Cashflow members, this guide is included in your membership along with one-on-one consulting from us.

About the Authors

Vince & Mike are 2 brothers from a small town in Ontario, Canada. They both work in financial services and have been investing in real estate and other alternative investments for about 10 years. Since adopting the “Cashflownaire” mindset, they have switched their focus from building a large net worth to building a large sum of cashflow. The Build-To-Rent Strategy has been by far their most successful strategy in building their cashflow and getting closer to their goal of financial freedom, or as they like to refer to as the “Position of FU”.  As they inch closer and closer to the Position of FU, they have dedicated this website to sharing their experiences in their Quest4Cashflow.